April 12, 2019

Hum Azad Hai – Brand Identity

Undertaking social work is never about income, it’s about outcome. It’s about making an impact. Today’s world needs your contribution in any way possible. Hum Azad Hai is all about that.

About The Client

Hum Azad hai is a welfare foundation based in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The key features of its work involve social service, travel, fitness and most importantly, freedom. The objective of Hum Azad Hai is the well-being of the underprivileged and also personal well-being.

The Old Identity

The old logo of Hum Azad Hai, a Welfare NGO based in Aurangabad

The Challenge

From the name of the organisation, it’s evident that the new identity should depict freedom. Its other major attributes are social work, travel, fitness & lifestyle.

In the exact words of the client, they wanted their new brand identity to be ‘damn simple and elegant’. The identity needed to be so simple that any person, even a child, would be able to recall it and draw it.

The Development

Since the core keyword for the brand identity was ‘freedom’, the element which best describes freedom must be present. And that element is a bird, which was depicted in the earlier logo as well

The Moodboard

Setting the tone for the new brand identity.

A moodboard for Hum Azad Hai, which also has the brand's keywords

The New Logo

The new brand identity (logo) of Hum Azad Hai, a welfare NGO based in Aurangabad.

The act of attaining freedom is the crux of the new identity. The slumped rectangular element represents a weakened or burdened society, from which the bird breaks free. It also represents all the other qualities of the brand – lifestyle, fitness, travel and social service.

The Brand Colours

Sky’s the limit. We all look up towards the sky. We all aim to go higher and higher. It’s where birds soar freely. This is why blue is chosen for the brand. Blue also reflects trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, truth and faith. Blue is considered to be virtuous to the mind, body and soul.

Blue and Dark Grey - The brand colours for Hum Azad Hai

Behold…The New Identity

The new logo of Hum Azad Hai
A mock-up of Hum Azad Hai's Letterhead
A mock-up of Hum Azad Hai's Visiting Cards
A mock-up of Hum Azad Hai's poster
The logo of Hum Azad Hai with a pattern created with the bird in its logo

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