May 21, 2019

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“Hey, you should try the blah blah diet! I got the best results!”

But wait, is it the right diet for you? What diet is right for you?

Dieting has become a fad. Amidst this plethora of diets, we need a clear direction. We need to choose the right diet for ourselves. But how?

You are unique, which is why you deserve a unique diet. Not only a diet, your lifestyle needs to be healthy too. Health goes beyond nutrition. It needs a holistic approach.

About Mighty Millets

Mighty Millets is a lifestyle company run by Nutritionist Meena Jain. It offers ‘lifestyle plans’ and healthy food products, inspired by Meena Jain’s expertise in nutrition and love for cooking.

The lifestyle plans are personalised according to your eating habits, routine, health conditions, etc. Their food products consist of Nutri-Bars, Granola, Powder Mixes and snacks.

The Challenge

The goal was to spread the message of having a healthy lifestyle, not just following a diet or a fitness regime. When it comes to a healthy diet, snacking is a big uncertainty. Healthy snacking is a challenge, which Mighty Millets offers to solve with their healthy food products and recipes.

Let’s Begin!

Relating crash diets with something that is a part of women’s daily lives. Can you relate?

On International Tea Day, we talk about what kind of tea is the best for us. But we all still love tea nonetheless!

When Mario chose to eat healthy.


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The secret of Mario’s might! 😉💪🏼 – #Mario #Granola #MightyMillets #DontStarveEatSmart

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Merry Christmas from Mighty Millets!

Game of Hunger (or Hunger Games?)


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Ar-ya hungry? Know the stark difference between healthy and unhealthy. #DontStarveEatSmart 😏 #GameofThrones #AryaStark #HealthySnacking #MightyMillets

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Dt. Meena Jain’s fun recipes – healthy Idlis with a tasty twist!


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A healthy snack with a tasty twist! 😍 #WorldIdliDay Swipe to check out the whole recipe. #Idli #Burger #HealthyFood #MightyMillets #DontStarveEatSmart

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When Captain Marvel was released, everyone was talking about superheroes. We talked about superfood!


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The sweet saviour! 🍁 Swipe to know its superpowers. 👉🏼 #MapleSyrup #MightyMillets #DontStarveEatSmart

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We used the medium to show which kind of diet would take you a long way. Swipe to find out!


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So, which road will you be taking? 🛣️ – #HealthyLifestyle #MightyMillets #DontStarveEatSmart

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Being healthy isn’t only about eating healthy, it’s about having a healthy lifestyle. And meditation plays a huge part.

The Numbers

  • The number of followers on Instagram grew by 40% organically.

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