July 16, 2018

Infographic – Science behind landing pages (2018 report)


Data behind landing page trends

If you are a digital media marketer, you will know that landing pages & CTA’s are marketers’ babies! For most of us, landing page metrics matter the most due to their high correlation to sales. But we often tend to ignore the basic rules of thumb for landing page optimisation in our day to day work role as marketers. Here is a quick visual representation of a Landing Page data report by Unbounce

An analysis on data behind around 18k landing pages is represented below.

Analysis on 18,639 landing pages. A report by Unbounce graphically represented by Drawww Media.
Infographic explaining the importance of links in landing pages
Number of links on landing pages vs conversion rate
Effect of landing page speed on conversions
Info-graphic depicting effect of image size on average conversion rate of landing pages

Article source: Unbounce

You can read the complete article with the info-graphic here:


Behind the scenes:

There you have it. Now you know the science behind landing pages. If you’d like to implement these into your digital presence, get in touch with us!

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